table with weighted and non weighted values?

I'm trying to obtain in one table something like

Area     Expanded   Non-Expanded
a            1200          6
b             300          2
c              1000         5
d              100          1
With SPSS i can print the results, together, weighted and non weighted.
But with stata that option isn't available. I need to write twice the code, getting two tables, one with the iw option and the other one without it.
Any tip or link will be appreciated.
Thanks for your replies and time.


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This is the data, what are the weight and what are you trying to do with these data. Not following your description.
For example, process the following data
zone	z1	weight
a	10	9
a	8	5
a	7	7
b	2	3
b	1	8
b	3	6
b	4	10
c	12	3
c	13	7
As this
zone	Expanded	Non Expanded
a	179	          25
b	72	          10
c	127	            2
In few words, a
tab z1 [iw=weight]
but with the extra column showing the counted cases
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Can't a work around just be you multiply the two vectors and use that. Not a big SPSS or STATA person, but SAS has a weight component in most procedures.