Telecom Expense Management?

Our office is planning to get a telecom expense management system. Apparently, it is a system that does not only audits bills, but automates the workflow and handling of them. I'm in charge of managing our telecom expenses and I would like to believe that I'm okay doing it and I don't need a system for it. Are there other benefits aside from what I've mentioned? Why is it a sought-after solution nowadays?
TEM is a proven and efficient way to identify overspending patterns, reduce waste, and create short-and long-term savings. The number one benefit of TEM is that it helps companies control costs and avoid unplanned budget expenses.
Thanks for the input. We were planning to get a TEM back then and I was researching its advantages. Anyway, we've been using it since a couple of months ago and I like that it also makes use of EDI invoices so everything can be automated and audits are easier.