Testing help

Hi all,

Not sure if any one can help but here goes.

For a recent research i carried out a survey on moths.

I picked 2 separate areas, wooded area and a totally different area habitat wise. Area "A" and Area "B"

For each area i mapped out 10 unique collecting sites.

I then carried out the survey for all area and sites three times round, giving me 30 moth buckets in area A and 30 in area B.

What stats test could i use to look at significant.

I've tried a chi square and t-test but not sure if i'm testing the correct parts of my data.

I've tried Area A and B totals in chi square, but non of the test seem correct.

Do i have to do Area A and Area B against each individual site to find significance, as oppose to just the totals for each area?

Would be great full if anyone can offer any advice.

I have range of questions relating to species, enviroment ect, have sorted them just wanting to do a test to see the significance of my samples.