Thank you and a Bayesian understanding

My life is full of wonderful people, but none have much of an understanding of probability theory or statistics specifically. I'm not sure how welcome this forum is to this kind of thing but I just wanted to put it out in the universe/or interverse a recent experience. Last night, I couldn't shake Bayes' equation. The ratios and integrals were rolling around my thoughts, over and over again.

When I awoke everything was there, solid, complete. It's such a sense of euphoria that accompanies understanding in general, but for me there is a special place for logical/rational/mathematical understanding. Partly, I believe because it is not an intuitive pursuit so it really feels like my "eyes" see something "new". Also, because I've put so much work and effort into trying to gain this understanding I feel like I've found something very valuable.

And, for what it's worth, I have appreciated the help I've received here on some of the "homework" questions I have been trying to tackle as I approach this new realm of understanding.