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i know this is not stats or R related, but this is something that i watched once many years ago (at 4am) and really moved me. it didn't just move me because of the significance of what Andrew Wiles did, but because of the passion that he had for it. i especially remember the part when he starts crying because i myself remember feeling something like that when i started to grasp, at least momentarily, the beauty and the harmony that exists within some of the theorems we become familiar with over the years...



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Fermat's Last Theorem? I found an elementary proof of it once and tried to put it as my signature here... but alas the signature field was too small it.


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A UCTV lecture from UC Berkeley earlier this year. I haven't watched the whole thing, but it's about statistics, so I figured some might want to see if it's worth watching! I'll give it a go later when I need to kill some time lol


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I really enjoyed watching this video. Titled Using Python to Code by Voice
Not recommended this to non programmers.

There are some references on bots ;) ("bots will never rule")


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Relevant only for humans.

Redesign My Brain Episode 1 - Make Me Smarter
Redesign My Brain Episode 2 - Make Me Creative
Redesign My Brain Episode 3 - Mind Over Matter


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John Oliver discusses how and why media outlets so often report untrue or incomplete information as science.