TheEcologist 1000 posts and still going...


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No fancy banners, I just wanted to offer a big thank you and congratulations on your 1,000th post. I have learned a great deal off you over the last three years of virtually knowing you, so keep it up!!



Re: The Ecologist 1000 posts and still going...

Congratulations TE. I too have learned many times from you. Thank you for all you do for talk stats.


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Re: The Ecologist 1000 posts and still going...

Congrats TE. I should have made something fancy image. Nothing can match to show your greatness. It is hard to believe you took so long time to reach 1000. You are always active and consistent.

Thanks for being my friend. Expecting more posts and graphics stuff from you.



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Re: The Ecologist 1000 posts and still going...

Hi The Ecologist!
Congratulations on your 1000st post!!!! I look forward to see you around here, and I hope you will share ssome more photos of you in action in the middle of the Tropical Jungle ;-)

Best regards,


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Re: The Ecologist 1000 posts and still going...

I made a highly complicated graph using base graphics that expresses how I feel.
text(0.5, 0.5, "TheEcologist Rocks!")


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Thanks you guys, the feeling is absolutely mutual.

This forum is truly a place of learning and I am learning just as much as you guys are!

1000 = 10^3 is a perfect cube, it is a "kilo" referring to something 1000 times greater than a single unit and it the roman number "M".. M for mile stone.

Therefore I had wished my # 1000 post would have been one of great insight and meaning... instead it was one about raptors.. go figure!


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Congrats, Marco. Always nice to see you around.

Now, a 1000 is very good, but let's get your Erdos number up!


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1003!? :(

oh what the heck.... i'm getting used to the idea of arriving late to all of these things...

but.... WAAAY TO GO TE!!!! :)


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Quick spunky make 386 posts. Then create a thread congratulating yourself on 1000 posts. Then you won't be late to the party. Then again you arrived less than 6 hours after the creation of the thread so I don't think you're really that late?


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dang. I missed the celebration.

Congratulations though Ecologist. You are definitely an asset to the forum here. To another 1000 enlightening posts.


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Yeah spunky, you better hurry up! Its really great breaking the 1k ceiling. I am especially enjoying the posts in the 1000 + lounge! Too bad you can't read them yet.
That place is amazing. I can't even count how many amazing threads are contained in that exclusive lounge.