Those new to R


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Although this could be for me, it is really for a true programmer who wants to learn R.

I know we have sources for beginners. I was unsure where this has been moved to. Unlike me he will pick it up quickly. :p


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If you know programming and statistics, it is straight forward, but still different, so you need to need to learn.

You should look at "data types", which are heavier than regular language, and how to load data from files

You may start at:

For every function, you want to use you may write in google something like "R z-test doc" and get all the details, like:

It is open-source with many packages, include overlapping.
If you don't have a package you may install and relate (library), as you already did


No cake for spunky
I was thinking there was a manual for the base code as there are with most code. When I was learning how to do SQL I read books such as this. It tells you what the code is, how you use it, gives example. Or do you simply study the packages ?

I am sure there are many links here somewhere already.


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I mean there are materials for learning base R. You weren't asking about base R. So I directed you to the materials associated with what you were asking about.