Thread titles, changing


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Thread titles, changing...

It'd be useful to be able to change the title of a thread. I've seen it done (adding [SOLVED] for example), but cannot figure out how to do it. For example, I'd like to change:

"disaster incidents, the role of statisticians"


"Disasters: post-incident roles of statisticians ?"
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Go in to the thread click:

Edit Post/Go Advanced/

Here you can delete a thread or change the title.

The changing it to solved is a bit different:

Go into the thread. Click:

Thread tools/mark this thread as solved


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Thanks trinker. Maybe it is a matter of user rating ...

For me, the Edit Post/Go Advanced/ approach allows changes only to the post's title, not the thread title. For example, in this thread I edited the title to add a period. That edit shows up in the post title, not the thread title, as can be seen above.

In Thread Tools, I find only four menu items: "Show Prin...", "Email ...", "Subsc...", "Add a ..."


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I can imagine reasons for not giving the common-man the ability to edit the title of their thread, but given the quality of thread titles in general, the pros might out weigh the cons. Just my 2cents.


But Dason we can only mark our own thread (I believe) solved.

I think (if quark could do it), that the following would be helpful:

1. All people can mark their own threads as solved
2. All people can change their own thread titles
3. Contributors can mark a thread as solved for anyone (though this one is not as important as the previous 2)


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