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Hi Guys,

I've been working on a banner rotation system to promote the book club and running club, but there's some technical difficulties. How about this as a workaround before I sort them out - A separate forum for clubs, placed between "Education and Career" and "General Discussion" on the homepage. This way the clubs have high visibility, and we don't have to stuff club activities in a few huge threads. For example, the running club can be updated weekly (or biweekly, monthly). And there's room for other clubs, who knows, we may even have a movie club.

So how's that sound? The original club threads will be sticky, and I've got the banners to add to the first posts.



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I'm fine with the work around and love the banners :) I'll move the threads as soon as the new forums are available.

Now I need to start reading that book chapter :eek: