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Tutorials, examples and walk-throughs on various statistical topics.

Talkstats is a friendly community with some highly technically skilled people (and less skilled enthusiasts like me) who spend their free time trying to spread their knowledge freely to the world. Over the years they have written quite a few useful tutorials on a wide range of interesting subjects. To my distress however, these tutorials get buried here on this site or their links get lost on the internets. In an attempt to rectify this I have erected this thread where I intend to archive the links forever. Therefore here is a list of helpful threads and web-pages by TS contributors.


[R tutorial] Plotting within the figure margins

[R tutorial] An R learning project (Advanced maps in R)
[R tutorial] ggplot


Impress demo templates; here.

[Inkscape] Creating SVG presentations, a short tutorial.

To be included:
trinker's slidfy tutorial

Now please contribute your links from threads, your personal websites etc!
. Post them below, and I will add them to the list (the other mods have permission to edit this).

I'm especially looking for our old statistics-pedia links including (but not only) Dason's calling C from R tutorial.

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I just added trinkers An R learning project to the list. Please feel free to add tutorials. I can't remember every one we added over the years and it will be great (for me for starters) to have them all in one place!

You know what you wrote. It deserves to be linked here!


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