[TSFC] - 5,000 Push-ups


Probably A Mammal
I've just been hitting the weights since I have a 24 Hour membership. I need to focus more on cardio, though. When I last trained for a marathon, I was only doing weight training 3 times a week and a little here and there at home. What really helped was the biking everywhere, swimming, cardio kickboxing nearly 5 times a week and yoga sometimes. Oh, and the running of course! Still, push ups are a good way to just keep active. I should probably start including them, whether I'm at the gym (in between sets) or staying home (on a lazy day).


Ambassador to the humans
So this seemed to die a while ago. But yesterday I decided on a plan that goes along perfectly with my need to procrastinate. Anytime I want to visit Talkstats, Stackoverflow, or the xkcd forums I need to do 15 pushups before I actually go there.

1631 + 45 = 1676
PT: 463 + 45 = 508