[TSRC] Summer 2014 Running


Can't make spagetti
+1.5 miles/2.41km

Total: 45.12 miles / 72.61 km

i still feel compelled to mention that these are "elliptical miles" at resistance level of 11


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I had to run this morning because on the anniversary of the Normandy landings, I wanted our run count to co-inside with the length of the target 50-mile (80 km) stretch of the Normandy coast that was witness to the invasion 70 years ago.

Therefore I can boldly state that we have collectively run the stretch of the Normandy beaches on the 70th anniversary of the invasion

I leave you with this info-graphic:



Probably A Mammal
+1 mile yesterday.

I say we delegate cumulative distance tracking to Spunky to encourage him to write a Shiny app to do it for us, because I sure as hell hate trying to scroll up and find the total to which I'm supposed to add my contribution. So, add it Spunky!


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(I just started running two weeks ago after a 5 year break due to gammy ankles so i have been taking it pretty slowly)

+ 6km (Yesturday not over two weeks)

84 miles / 135.4km