Two Way Repeated Measures ANOVA - SPSS

Hi all,

I am looking to conduct a two way repeated measures ANOVA in SPSS and need some help in regard to correctly inputting and arranging my data.

Firstly, I am investigating the effects of different sprint conditions (control, WV10, WV20, WV30) on 20m and 10m sprint performance following different recovery durations (4min, 8min, 12min). Therefore, am I correct in thinking that I have two independent variables (sprint condition and recovery duration) with four and three levels, respectively? The 20m and 10m sprint performance (measured in seconds) is also my dependent variable? If so, would this be a 4x3 repeated measures ANOVA or something different?

Secondly, I have attempted to organise this in SPSS (I have attached some images below as I could not attach the original SPSS document) but feel I may be doing this wrong. I am ok with running the ANOVA, but would really appreciate some help with arranging the data correctly in SPSS.

SPSS Data View.jpg SPSS Variable View.png

Many thanks,