Two-way repeted measures or mixed ANOVA?


we are doing an experiment where body consistence (weight, proportion of muscles, fat, etc.) are measured. We have 103 respondents, water and banana were given to each of them a then they were measured in 5 different times (time 0, immediately after consuming water or banana, after 30, 60 and 90 minutes). We also have an information about sex od participants.

I would like to measure if there is a statistically significant difference in the mean times between meal/sex,
meal (between-subjects factor, 2 levels)
sex (between-subjects factor, 2 levels)
time (within-subjects factor, 5 levels)

I tried to study a lot of materials and forums but I think I didn't catch the idea well. A tried to follow very nice tutorial for SPSS (,
According to this:
* each respondent got water + was measured, each respondent got banana + was measured -> two-way ANOVA with repeated measures
* some of the respondents are males, some of them females -> mixed ANOVA
Am I right, please?

What this the difference in R code using aov() function? I found command like

aov(dependent.variable ~ between * within + Error(subject/within))

Does this code correspond to two-way ANOVA with repeated measures or to mixed ANOVA?

I would be very grateful for any response!