Type I and Type II Errors

A researcher studying stress is interested in the blood pressure measurements of chief executive officers (CEOs) of major corporations. He believes that the mean systolic blood pressure, , of CEOs of major corporations is less than mm Hg, which is the value reported in a possibly outdated journal article. He plans to perform a statistical test. He measures the systolic blood pressures of a random sample of CEOs of major corporations and finds the mean of the sample to be mm Hg and the standard deviation of the sample to be mm Hg.

Based on this information, answer the questions below.

What are the Null and Alternative Hypothesis that should be used for this test?

In the context of this test,what is a Type II error?

Suppose the researcher decides to reject the null hypothesis, what type of error might he be making?
Hmmm... these do seem to be very simple theoretical questions, to which the answers can be found in many stats texts. Maybe you could specify what you are having trouble with? :)