Type of analysis to be used - Important because I have a deadline :(


I am writing my thesis on innovation management which involves a survey analysis. I am using SPSS statistical tool to perform this analysis but right now I have a blocking point in the type of analysis being used?

All the questions were all based on scale between 1-7 (1:completely disagree and 7: completely agree)

The 234 respondents were asked to pick from a list of 18 tools. For the selected tools, 5 statements were asked for which the respondents again agreed based on the same scale.

Now, how do I analyze such a data to get some interesting comparisons and graphs?
I tried using factor analysis but it is not positive correlated. Can someone guide me step by step on what analysis can be done?

Your answers are much appreciated! I have 4 days to submit the results. Pleaseeee :)