Uncertainty Analysis

Hey guys. So I have a very broad, general question. I am fresh out of school and working my first job. I have been given a dataset and the regression model that was fitted by a previous employer (using R). I am told to perform and write a report on an uncertainty analysis. Frankly, I'm not sure what exactly that means. I've asked several people and some have said "discuss the process of developing a model" and others "we want to know what percentage of the time we are wrong" and to "place errors on our bounds". But I am given the model, so I'm not sure how to do a general error analysis. What do I do with it? I know this is silly since I have my degree, I have the knowledge, I'm just not sure what a typical error analysis report contains.
Any help would be a lot of help.
Thanks so much :eek:


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Can you tell us what field you are in and what type of regression was ran (what the dependent variable was)?
I am working with fire consumption data, where i am fitting the model

proportion_of_consumption ~ total_loading (sum of layers) + input_%blackened.

So we fit it to a general linear model
y=-5 +1.8x(1)+1.4x(2)