Uniform most powerful test

Hi all, I am new here :wave:

I got a question listed below. Thanks for your generous help.

Let X1;...;Xn be a random sample from the uniform distribution on (Theta; Theta + 1). Find the uniform most powerful test at level alpha (Type I error) = 0:01 for testing H0 : Theta = 1 vs Ha : Theta > 1. Calculate the power of this test.


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Thanks Dason, I am sorry if I brought any trouble to you. I am very lost in this question since it is a irregular case.

So far I only think

Under H0: P(sup Xi>=Theta|Theta)=1, P(inf Xi<Theta+1|Theta)=0
=> P(X1>=Theta|Theta)*...*P(Xn>=Theta|Theta)=1 , P(X1<Theta+1|Theta)*...*P(Xn<Theta+1|Theta)=1

Test: Rej H0 if either Y1<Theta or Y1>Theta+1

But how to calculate the power of the test?
Under Ha, the the probability that Xi fall in the complement of rejection region.

In this question, the equation is Power=P(sup Xi>Theta+1|Theta)+P(inf Xi<Theta|Theta). Then how? Using order statistic?