Up the default 'View More' amount?


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Hey quark I was wondering if it would be possible to change the default for one of the options on the site.

When you click the 'Top 10 Stats' you get an option to 'View More' which I use every now and then. I was wondering if the default could be changed because currently when you click that it defaults to only showing 5 of the most recent posts (which is actually less than 10!). I was hoping it wouldn't be too much trouble to have it display the most recent 50 by default when you click view more. I think this might make more sense and it would save me a few clicks every time. Thanks!
This is easy. Now the default is 50. Thanks for the suggestion. It doesn't make sense when you try to view more and actually get less. I guess this is ok in the dark age of TS getting <10 posts per day. How times have changed.


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It looks so great! The new posts are sinking too fast in the busy period if we only have top 10; now it is easier to trace back the posts.


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I also like the "What's New?" tab at the top. But if what I'm looking for isn't considered 'new' anymore sometimes it's easier to use the View More instead of having to try to do a search or something...