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It's probably really straight forward but I'm having a very hard time trying to find a relationship between variables.

I have an variable (Self-esteem) and I'm trying to assess whether there is a causal relationship between low self-esteem and if they have been a victim of a hate crime.
There are two questions about the hate crime:
1. If they have been a victim of one Yes=1 No=2
2. What type of violence it is: Physical attack=1, Cyber crime=2, Vandalism=3 and so on.

I want to do the same about low self-esteem and the type of emotions they felt: Anger=1, Isolation =2, Fear=3 and so on.

Which question would I use to try and find a relationship, and what statistical test would I use? Or do I have to recode data to make them both continuous variables?

Thank you guys for your help! :)
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Based on the data you present, you cannot demonstrate a causal relationship. At best, you may be able to show a correlation between self-esteem and people who have been victims.

I would use a chi square to determine whether there is a difference between those who have been a crime victim vs. those who have not.