Use PCA scores as % for geographic areas

I have this, I believe simple issue, I hope someone will be able to help with.

I run a CPA analysis for let's say 30 territories and 10 variables. After rotation, it returned 3 components that explain more than 90% of the variance.

My need is to distribute a fund based on my pca results. Let's say it's 1M. How do I move from the pca scores to a % that adds up to 100%?

What I tried is to weight each geography score by the component weight. I obtain one number for all of my geos. Then I add these numbers and divide my geos value by this total number. It gives something but I believe it does not give a lot variation between my geographies what I don't like.

Well. I hope this was clear and that one of you can help. I have to say I'm not a big fan of using pca to distribute money to territories. I prefer using one single value...