Variation in process

Hello All

I am not sure if this has been asked before.

I work for a big mnc where we manufacture some sort of a fabric which is 20 inches in width and 5000 ft long. We roll the product and it is all one long, continuous roll.

After making one huge roll (5000Ft), we slit it in half (10 inches) and make several rolls of 1000 ft each. So we typically endup slitting one 5000 ft roll in to 10 smaller rolls.

There are three main characteristics that we test from the samples from the start and end of each roll. We take 5 readings from the start and 5 from the end for each characteristic.

now the main question is: since this is all a product of one single roll would it be wise to use Process capability to see how good or bad my product is? or are there any efficient ways of analyzing the variation of my data?