Venn diagrams

Does anyone know how to draw a Venn diagram with Software such as Excel, Word, or Minitab? I've drawn them on paper but my only option would be to scan them and import the picture into Word. An example is (not E) or (A or B). Thanks


TS Contributor
You can use the drawing tools that come with Word. I think Word or Xcel has some Venn diagrams (not easy to handle though)

Mike White

TS Contributor
You can easily use the drawing tools in Word or Excel to create Venn diagrams manually, but if you want to create them directly from a set of data you can do it in R with the limma package. There are some examples at

There are also functions in R to save the images as wmf, jpeg or bmp files that can be inserted into Word documents. Alternatively you can copy the image as a metafile with right mouse click and paste into Word document.