Voucher Discount and Redeemed

Hi. I need your help in this problem. I need to do some hypothesis testing.
The data that I have as below

Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 20.46.13.png

Target is the users that get the voucher, Redeemed is the vouchers that have been redeemed by the users.

Based on that data, it appears that 20,000 amount of voucher discount draws high attention to targeted users. Is that true, statistically significant?

Therefore, I need your help with the hypothesis testing for the data above.


TS Contributor
If you just want to determine whether a difference exist between Voucher groups, you can use a 1-way binomial ANOM. Note that the null hypothesis for ANOM is slightly different than ANOVA. ANOM tests whether a difference exists between any group and the overall group mean.

If you want to determine whether a relationship exists between Redeemed and Voucher, try a Poisson regression or a Chi-square test for Association.