Warning in Univariate test when asking for EMMeans

I am trying to pull up the estimated marginal means when doing a simple 2 x 2 ANOVA. When I ask, I get the following Warning message:

"The symbol * was found in the EMMEANS subcommand where a right parenthesis was expected.
Execution of this command stops."

This is the syntax:

UNIANOVA av_LEFF BY Overlap LProCond
/DESIGN=Overlap LProCond Overlap*LProCond.

Any idea as to why it claims to have a problem with the asterisk sign?
One of your variable names starts with "Over." For some reason, SPSS thinks "(Over...)" = "(OVERALL)" (and you can't do an OVERALL*anything interaction, so it'll always expect a right parenthesis after anything starting with OVER).

If you get similarly odd errors, try renaming your variables. It's surprisingly easy to break SPSS...