What are the chances?

Hello, I need someone to settle a little debate.

Suppose you are playing 5 card draw with kings and little ones as wilds with five other players (where "little ones" mean that each player's lowest card is her/her personal wild). Which cards would you exchange if you were dealt the following hand:

- Queen of hearts
- 8 of clubs
- 6 of diamonds
- 4 of diamonds
- 2 of spades

I think most people would say right off that you keep the queen and 8. The chances of drawing an 8 or a 2 are the same, but on the off chance that you draw both an 8 and a 2, it would be better to keep the 2 (as you would end up with at least 3 queens instead of 3 eights). Are there any reasons to keep the 8 other than that the 8 could be a higher kicker?