What do you for a living?

I'm currently in my 4th year of studies as an undergraduate. I'm doing a major in Psychology. I eventually plan to attend graduate studies, in the area of Quantitative Psychology. I'm currently doing my honors thesis in the area of Item Response Theory, specifically analyzing multiple choice data from introductory psychology classes. I also work part time on campus as a statistics advisor for fellow undergraduate psychology students who need help with their own honors theses. My interests include: SEM, Item Response Theory, and Probability/Mathematical Statistics.
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hi there..

i am graduated from bachelor degree in statistics with major in statistical computing. Now i work in Indonesia Statistics Offices. My division is in Network and Statistics Clearing House.
finishing up the course requirement for my MAS this semester, and hoping to polish off the remainder of my thesis by april. jumping into doctoral study in probability ASAP; fingers crossed for auckland or UBC in particular.

on the non-academic side of things, i've done statistical work for fisheries & oceans canada, as well as a local marketing firm.
Engineer for a company that makes gaging equipment for grinding machines. The gaging equipment has internal SPC calculation and display options.
What a great thread.

I do just what I do here. :)

That is, I assist researchers (mainly academic) understand and apply statistics to their data. I do both pure consulting, i.e. advising, as well as some projects, and I'm planning on adding some workshops in the near future. I used to do this in a university statistical consulting office, but am now on my own.

I was ABD in social psych when I realized the only part I liked about *doing* research was analyzing the data, so I left with my masters and got a masters in applied statistics with the one year I had left of a fellowship. Consulting in academia has turned out to be a perfect fit for me.

well i completed my MBA and just recently found a small job related to financial analysis.
but i do help for PhD. students for a thesis and statistical work.
Nice question

I'd love to get to some of you are already. I'm just a masters student with a semester left after this semester. Let's c where the wind takes me after
I am finishing my doctorate in clinical psychology, and I've completed my MBA with a specialization in health care management. I do some work in SPSS with federal databases of health care information to help an economist evaluate hospital efficiency. I am passionate about health care efficiency, outcomes, and best practices. I am also looking for a job.
I'm MSc in Statistics but I studied Chemistry and Biochemistry too. I'm working on chemical metrology carrying out statistical analysis to uncertainty of measurements by Monte Carlo techniques. In the future I hope to have my own consulting bussines
I'm am a student. Finished masters..applying for a second in Ecology and waiting for the scholarship (prayingggg!!!) Also writing a paper on human-elephant conflict and 'hopefully' lost in statistics. Hello all. And it gives me comfort to know that there are other people on this blog for example (hehe..hello mr. senior member bugman!) who bite more than can be chewed...although I can barely chew more than a sparrow's share of stats. but as long as i'm hungry i say...


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Hi folks! :wave:

I'm also a student - doing my master's thesis in psychology. I also work part time for a text/email youth depression service. I really don't have much of a formal stats background, have more picked up the odd thing as I go along in the current degree (and during the Finance one that I did before it, for no good reason at all!)

I've wanted to be a clinical psychologist for a long time, but am starting to think applied research or even social science methodology might also be a good area to try and eke out a living in... must choose DClinPsych or PhD at the end of this year!
Hi there, I am a student too. First degree in Statistics and hoping to start a Msc in a couple of months on the field of Biostatistics.
Trying to enter the field of applied research and Biostatistics, currently i am working on statistical projects of low difficulty and in other positions to earn some money for further studies.
I was searching for a forum in statistics to practice and extend my English on statistics and my statistical knowledge in general.
See you around, happy to be here.
When I left school I worked as a truck driver in an open cut mine out in Western Australia for about 5 years so I could buy a house and pay for my degree up front.

Now I'm completing my undergraduate degree in mathematics part-time. I work as an information analyst for a HR company where I model data and get about a 1/3 of the wage I was on when I was out in the mines. Still, I enjoy my current line of work much better as it is far more challenging and Im not spending my day counting time.