What do you for a living?


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Hi everyone,

I have a degree in Statistics, qualified for analysis of political preferences, so my job is mostly designing and analyzing surveys in political campaigns. I also work as consultant (during non-elections periods) giving assistance to researchers, companies and students who have troubles with they're thesis, projects or any data they may have, either in person or via e-mail.

My favorite subjects in stats are sampling, multivariate analysis and mixed modeling.
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Hi All,

Wow it's so interesting to see everyone's backgrounds.

I'm a recent grad with a BSc. I'm hoping to get into Public Health/Global Health grad school this year. Currently I'm working as an RA at a hospital, which required some stats work. Thank god for this forum b/c I am a little rusty on stats since my undergrad course!
I'm a newbie here. I'm now a first year PhD student in public health at Penn State University. My interest is health economics, which uses statistical application beyond often. It's great to join the forum :)
im just an undergrad student, senior year, with econometrics and statistics under my belt- looking to get into forecasting in possibly real estate in the future
Current PhD candidate in neuroscience. Should be finishing up this spring and am looking for a PostDoc somewhere in the Pacific Northwest region.


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Hi all!

I guess I am totally "stranger" in this forum!!! :D

I am an Archaeologist: Master Degree in Classics, Master of Art in Archaeology, currently PhD student with a research project in social analysis on settlement bronze age contexts. :eek:

My interest in statistics stem from the need to "handle" and explore complex dataset.



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I work for SAIC. We are working on a project to determine why people are so fat. I have MS degree is epidemiology. How cool is that?
I work for SAIC. We are working on a project to determine why people are so fat. I have MS degree is epidemiology. How cool is that?
Cool beans.

I'm doing a course in fundamentals of epidemiology (using the ERIC notebook and other materials from UNC). Could you recommend a good (hardcopy) text?


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BSEE, MSEE, some computer science courses and stat courses.
Engineer, whistleblower, home improvement contractor [notice the sequence of events?]

The thing is, using stats I inadvertently tripped over a Truth about the place I worked. That's OK, but speaking Truth to Power is not.

My former employer is in the paper again, enmeshed in another scandal, but nothing will change.
Undergrad psychology major, looking to go on to a clinical PhD in a year or two. Taken three stats courses and three research design courses, which is as far as my school offers, but they mostly served to make me aware of how clueless I actually am.

I joined because I notice I keep winding up on this site when I search for questions. At my current level of education, I probably won't have much to contribute. Might eventually have some questions of my own to ask, though.


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Hi all,

I'm a Ph.D. student in Statistics at Iowa State University. I just finished up my first year and passed the masters exam so I plan on going on to the Ph.D. core in the fall. I don't have a major professor or set plan for an area of research yet but I'm thinking somewhere in the areas of stat education or statistical computing.

I'm a fan of R but I deal with SAS from time to time and I've had significant experience with JMP. I don't really deal with minitab or SPSS ever so you'll probably never see me in that subforum.

I was a TA and I taught a section of intro business stats last semester but as of this summer I'll get my funding as an RA doing consulting. I don't remember exactly how I found this forum but I like it here. I spend time at the xkcd forum and I really like it there but there aren't too many stats people that hang around there. If you have any questions just let me know.
Hi all, just found this site, I've a MS in ecology evolutionary biology and worked with population genetics. Now I'm a visiting professor until I decide to get the phD and apparently teaching intro stats. Dason I actually just got my MS from ISU about a 6 months ago. Liked the stat department there, I had Kaiser, Dixon and petrutza(?) for different courses. Real cool folks

re intro stat courses: does anyone have links to sites with big, preferably biology related, data sets my class could run little regressions or anovas on? I've seen whole lab course packs online but I'm not sure of their copyright status


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im impressed to see so many people that are actually STUDYING/WORKING stats!! Im a 2nd year undergrad doing a Bsc in Neuroscience (in the psychology field)...I need to complete two stats class for my degree. I am not a big fan of stats (actually i HATE stats loll) but i try to do my best to understand it.
Thanks to whoever started this website, its pretty useful for students who struggle with stats like me !!


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I'm a MPH student concentrating in Biostatistics and Epidemiology at UC Berkeley. Hoping to enter the PhD program immediately afterward for Biostatistics. Also considering possibly obtaining my MD as well and heading up clinical trials, though that's still a ways off.

I also work doing a lot of survival analysis using Kaplan Myer, Cox, and logistic models. This includes actuarial work. Lastly, I work as a student researcher with UCSF to help pay for my degree. We study ANS trends in children and the effects of stress over time.

My main interests lie in time series analysis and survival analysis.

PS. Free time? What free time?!?!?!