What do you for a living?

I'm currently in my 4th year of studies as an undergraduate. I'm doing a major in Psychology. I eventually plan to attend graduate studies, in the area of Quantitative Psychology. I'm currently doing my honors thesis in the area of Item Response Theory, specifically analyzing multiple choice data from introductory psychology classes. I also work part time on campus as a statistics advisor for fellow undergraduate psychology students who need help with their own honors theses. My interests include: SEM, Item Response Theory, and Probability/Mathematical Statistics.
haha so none of this worked out as planned. I did an Msc in Biostatistics and I'm currently employed at a not-for-profit organization that handles population level health data for our province as a biostatistician.


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I am currently working on my master's degree, only a half year to go. I'm also teaching (at 50 %) statistics for our first year students, which I totally love! Unfortunately, to get a full time job as a lecturer I have to get a PHD and I am not that interested in doing another four years of study, so right now I'm looking for a full time job. And it seems to be quite easy for me to get a job, so I'll probably not teach anymore in a few months.


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Formally I have PHD although it has little to do with what I do now:p I run statistics for a government agency although not at the level of others here (meaning I do it at a much lower level than they do).:)

My research was primarily in what organizations do to be more effective. Not that researchers reall know since few who do the research have ever worked outside an academic environment. My first article on reform efforts turned out to be totally inaccurate..... :(
Hey there,

If anyone is still reading this :p I am on a gap year right now and I have a few exciting gap year programs coming up through http://theleap.co.uk/gap-year-travel/ I am pretty excited to go and have some fun while doing some volunteer work as a teacher. I think it will give me some valuable experience for when I finish with my teaching degree. :)


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Like most data analyst I confuse people :p

I analyze performance and predict spending and the number of people in system for a state agency.