What is study population in Statistics?

this is a question that i have to answer

* you have been requested to design a study to determine the prevelence of hypertention in my area.
1. describe the study design that u would use
2. describre the study population you would plan to include in the study?

when describing the study population, do we have to mention about inclusion & exclution criteria as well? what are the components that i should include?

it would be really greatful if u all can atleast send me a link where i can study this area.

thanx in advance...


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In your analysis you would have to to list your theoretical population (all those with hypertension, but more probably the larger population they are in which you will have to seperate from the hypertension portion), what sampling frame you would use (the "list" you survey people from) and what it's limit is in terms of reaching the entire population. You have to describe your sampling method (simple random sampling is generally ideal, cluster sampling may be required if you can't get a good list, you might stratify if you need specific subpopulations and they are unlikely to participate).

If you believe that certain groups are more likely to get this illness you should point this out and have ways to capture them. Also how you will handle failure to respond. A really good design has methods to encourage participation such as multiple mailings, follow up letters, and possibly rewards. If you need to address this you should. Then how you will do your analysis. A final point, you need to determine your sampling size.

I don't have any links, I do this at work and at class. There are litterally thousands of links on this on the internet.