What is the appropriate R tests for studying drug effect under factors disruption?

Hello biostat world

I have a population of 35 mice, 17 are wild type and 18 are treated with drug.
I sampled(12 biological replicate) all mice along 5 dates d1 d2 d3 d4 d5 within a period of 8 months , the time interval of sampling is almost the same
These mice were been continuously exposed to 4 factors of disruption F1(Virus1), F2(Virus2), F3(Bisphenol), F4(down regulation of GeneA expression)

I would like to studies three points since I have three main questions:

1- How to test relationships (a) of these 4 factors and their impact(b) on mice regardless the drug effect ? for each date and over date ?

2- How to test the link or the significance of correlation (if exists) between the drug effect versus these factors at once/orcombined?

3- How to test the drug effect regardless the 4 factors for each date and over dates ?

I would say GLMM and GLM or wilcoxon test, that's wright ?

Thanks for help, and advices
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