What product is proc iml part of.

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SAS said we have this already but I ran code using it and the response was the procedure was not found.

This is what we have.

---Base SAS Software
---SAS/Secure 168-bit
---SAS/Secure Windows


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In my license it straight-up says: SAS/IML. Did you get the above list by running whatever the procedure is that lists them all out in your log?

Did you run it in SAS not your Enterprise? Play around a little bit. I just grabbed the following code off Wicklin's blog, see if it runs.

proc iml;
call randseed(12345);                 /* set seed for random number stream */
N = 23;                               /* number of people in room */
NumRooms = 10;                        /* number of simulated rooms */
bday = Sample(1:365, NumRooms||N);    /* simulate: each column is a room that contains N birthdays */
*print bday;                          /* optional: print the 23 x 10 matrix of birthdays */
match = N - countunique(bday, "col"); /* number of unique birthdays in each col */
print match[label="Num Matches (N=23)" c=("Rm1":"Rm10")];

/* estimate the probability of a match, based on 10 simulations */
probMatch = (match > 0)[:];          /* mean = proportion of matches */
print probMatch;
Or pop onto SAS communities, those folks would love to answer your question.


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The SAS rep made a mistake. We did not have it on our license.

I ran it in both regular SAS and EG although there is no difference.


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No the SAS rep looked at the wrong license. We never got it in the first place. I am not sure we can use it enough to justify. Its major use appears to be in simulation - and they have limited interest in that where I work.

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