What reporting platform would you choose?

I'm transitioning into a new role at work where my focus will be on producing better reporting/reports. I will have significant input into what comprises our reporting platform(s). The immediate need is to offer some self-serve routine reports (likely PDF) but eventually we'd like to move into more interactive reporting.

I'm coming into this role from an analytical background with experience in SAS, SPSS, and several programming languages, but I have relatively little experience with presentation-oriented output. I have worked peripherally with SAS ODS but I'm still a neophyte there.

Other reporting groups at our company seem to have embraced SAS (and, eg., ODS PDF output) and Tableau. To me, (a) this yields a non-uniform reporting strategy, and (b) SAS ODS comes across like the single most complicated approach to reporting ever developed.

I would like to know what you (personally or corporately) would recommend for reporting platforms. Nothing is off the table, though admittedly some solutions could be too costly or politically-challenging for us.

I have in the back of my mind the idea that a composite strategy might be best... eg., leverage SAS to do the data portion and create data sets, and then use another tool to generate charts, tables, and graphics -- all scripted and scheduled. I have a better idea what the SAS part would look like than the second part (maybe a Java or PHP tool?).

Thanks very much for reading this and for any feedback you can provide!