What stat test to perform on non-parametric nominal data between several groups

Hi everyone :wave: I hope this is the right forum for this thread.
Anyways, I'll cut the chase:
I need to assess statistical differences of nominal data from experiments between several treatment and control groups in female vs. male mice, over a period of several days (1 data set gathered per experiment, per day). I'm not quite sure what statistical test I could do to achieve that. I know I can use ANOVA for interval/ratio data, but that doesn't apply for this case.*

The scores given to each mice after an experiment in a particular day vary from 0 to 3 (nominal scores like bad, good, excellent, etc.). There are 8 control and treatment groups in total and the same data gathering*was repeated during 8 days to see progression over time.

The treatments (I will abbreviate them as tx1 and tx2) and controls (abbreviated as ct1 or ct2) are, generically speaking, the following 4 groups:

tx1-tx2, ct1-tx2, tx1-ct1 and ct1-ct2*

Added to those treatment groups there are female and male groups, so there's a total of 8 groups (e.g. tx1-tx2-F, tx1-tx2-M, ct1-tx2-F, ct1-tx2-M, etc.)

There's approximately an equal number of treatment and control mice in each group.

So my goal is to show statistical significance (if any) in differences between each treatment groups, and if that difference is*maintained over time. Specifically, the main experimental hypothesis is a difference*between*females in both treatment groups vs.*females in either 1 or 2 control groups:*tx1-tx2-F vs. tx1-ct2-F, tx1-tx2-F vs. ct1-ct2-F.

Does anyone know of an appropriate stat test to accomplish this? Can anyone recommend any stats software where such test can be done.

Thanks beforehand and sorry for asking such a basic, novice question, I'm very new to research and I'm a little rusty on*experimental design methodology and stat analysis.