What statistical test enables me to test my hypothesis?

Hi all,

I really really need some help..

For my thesis, I examine the following research question and hypothesis:

RQ: Has the use of Twitter been successful in creating public engagement in the Iran nuclear deal?

H1: Multimedia tweets are more likely to create public engagement in diplomatic topics than textual tweets.

I measure public engagement in 1) replies, 2) retweets and 3) likes (three dependent variables). My two independent variables are 1) multimedia tweets and 2) textual tweets.

My instructor said a MANOVA would be an appropriate choice as statistical test. The multivariate test shows that there was a statistically significant difference in public engagement based on the type of tweet. What I need to know is what this difference is, i.e. do multimedia tweets create more public engagement than textual tweets or vice versa?

How can I find the answer on my hypothesis? Hope someone can help me out!

Thanks in advance!

Best, Bas

PS: I use SPSS and added a screenshot of my SPSS data. The multimedia variable is dichotomous and either textual (0) or multimedia (1).