What test should I use for comparing dependent groups?

I am comparing individual's answers to 10 questions where they must put a low range and a high range. After answering these questions individually, they answer the same questions but in a group. I am hypothesizing that a measure they took on their individual goal orientation level will relate to how much influence they have on the team answer. The higher goal orientation, the more influence they will have on the team answer and the more similar it will be compared to their individual answer. This will either be measured through how much the midpoint of the group answer moved compared to their individual answer, or by how much overlap there is between the individual's range and the group range.
What test do I use for this analysis? I was thinking a one-way ANOVA, but I am not sure.
Thanks in advance!
Hi! Am not a stats expert by any means, so please feel free to look into this further to ascertain whether this suggestion works best for your circumstance; similarly, if anybody who is much more knowledgable would like to correct me, please do so!

From what you've said, perhaps the appropriate test is a paired-samples t-test? Please look into it and see if that might suit your needs. :)