What tests and analysis for 50 year data collected on fashion trends

So, it is said that whatever is in fashion once comes back someday or the other. We have collected data on 10 different garment types, each having 5 different sub-types on what was in fashion in 50 years. (Eg- Jeans->Waist->High/Low/Mid-rise)

We plan on assigning each sub-type a grade/number to help with the analysis.

What kind of statistical analysis should we do on this time series to look for cyclic/seasonal/random trends? What software should we use?
Interesting question you are attempting to answer. How exactly are you going to assign "grade/number" to the sub-types? I am just trying to understand what and how will be varying over time here.

SAS, Stata, R, SPSS can all run a time-series (or other longitudinal) analysis, as long as the researcher knows what to do )