When should I use confidence and prediction bands?

Would someone check that I have explained when to use prediction or confidence bands to myself correctly, please? Note, that I am talking about using a continuous visual representation of a band not about individual intervals.
In the context of visualizing the precision of regression model predictions,
we might draw a line centered in a shaded band to represent the predictions of a model and their likely precision. We could draw either confidence or prediction intervals close enough together to form a continuous band. Now it seems that we should draw a prediction band for forecasts which extend the prediction line beyond the range of the explanatory variable because we are describing the uncertainty of our predictions at values of the explanatory variable that have never been measured. This fits the purpose of prediction intervals perfectly so we should never need a confidence band around a forecast. On the other hand, we could draw a confidence band for predictions drawn within the range of the explanatory variable. This fits the purpose of confidence intervals at the observed values of the explanatory variable but not at the unobserved values between. So, we might find it useful to switch to a prediction band to describe the precision of the interpolation.