When to use which statistics? Is it correct like this?

I never had statistics in school and I'm not in college yet so I try to teach in to myself now. That's why everything I write now could be plain wrong:

- You use hypothesis tests (independent t-test, paired t-test etc) to test a claim about a population mean/population proportion or to test a claim that there is no significant difference between two population means/population proportion.

- You use confidence intervals to estimate the population mean (with help of the sample mean) or population proportion (with help of the sample proportion) or to estimate the difference between two population means/population proportions, right?

I'm not sure if I understood it. I have no one to ask because no one knows...Is it correct like this?



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Pretty much right. People can always fight nuanced definitions, but that is the gist of it. Keep the questions coming. Type I and type II errors are another topic to review.