Which school for MS in Statistics?

I got accepted to both San Jose State University and CSU East bay for the Statistics master program..but I can't decide which school is better or has a better reputation forthe Statistics program..

San Jose State has the advantage of being in Sillicon Valley so there will be more companies surrounding the area, however, their statistics program is pretty new and just started in Fall 2011, so I'm not sure how good the program is,, whereas the alumni from CSU East bay seems to be finding jobs okay upon graduation and are doing well in the industry... But I've heard that the reputation for CSU East Bay is not good...

Does anyone have any experience with those two schools or know anyone that have went to those school for a master in Stats? How did they think of the program?

Any advice is appreciated!!


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I don't have experience with either but there are rating services that evaluate programs like Barron's and you might try those.

I wonder in honesty if, except for a few elite programs like Harvard or Stanford, if it really matters to most businesses where you get your Master's (or for that matter doctorate although it might matter more there). Private companies probably care more if you know the specific skills they need then your program.