Which statistical analysis to perform (Soil Science/Soil enzymology)

Hello everyone,

I tried to find through the forum to get some help and it was helpful to get some information but still have some confusion so I am posting the question here.

So my major is Soil science and I am looking at the effects of a product (fertilizer) on soil microorganisms and soil enzymes. I am using SPSS for my analysis.

Treatments= A, B, C, D
Levels= 3 (samples were collected from all treatments at three different times)
Number of replicate= 3
Total number of samples = 60

I know that I have to run Repeated measures One Way Anova.

Question: What other statistical analysis should I look for (other than Repeated measures one way ANOVA)? And I have seen many people have performed Principal component analysis but that cannot be done here as far as I know because of small number of samples. Can someone please suggest what additional analysis should I perform?

Any help/suggestion would be appreciated.

Thanks for the reply.

All my data is continuous variable.

I am doing two types of analysis for my data which are: phospholipid fatty-acids analysis (PLFA) - for this usual range of data is within 80 to 5000 ng/g. Other analysis is enzyme assay methods.

My treatments are different concentrations of a product (fertilizer) applied to soil + there is a control treatment as well.