Which statistical treatment to use?

Here's the situation.
I have 3 set-ups: A, B, and C

I want to measure 2 variables in all of them (pH and alcoholic content) over time

I want to know if the pH level or alcoholic content in A is significantly higher or lower than the one in B or C based on their time trends.

I don't want to look for an equation or anything. I just want to know if those parameters are generally higher when all time periods are considered.

pH is also not related to alcoholic content in any way.

I hope you guys answer my question cuz I'm going insane XD


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I have 3 set-ups: A, B, and C
So what does that actually mean? A number of objects of type A, B, or C respectively, measured over time? A sample of objects divided into 3 subgroups and undergoing treatments A or B or C, respectively? One object of type A, one object of type B, one of type C, each measured repeatedly over time?

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Thank you very much for replying. What I mean is something like this.

There is a box that produces alcohol. Within the box are small cylinders.
In set up A - the cylinders are arranged vertically
In set up B - the cylinders are arranged horizontally
In set up C - the cylinders are arranged randomly.

We believe that the type of set-up affects the alcohol produced. We measure the alcoholic content over time. We collect data after 1,2,3,4,6,8,11,14,15, and 20 hours of production for all set-ups.

With this, I want to know if the amount of alcohol produced in A is significantly different from that of B and C and by how much.

Hopefully, this clarifies my problem.