Which stats test should I use?

I have an experiment to look at habitat preferences of beetles and the effect of competition.

In the first test, a beetle is on his own in an arena and I measured the % of time he spends in each of THREE types of habitat (open, bush and underground). I repeat this experiment with several beetles.

In the second test, beetles are placed together with a beetle of a competing species in the arena and they are again observed for their % time in each habitat.

I want to test if the amount of time spent in each habitat is affected by the presence of the competitor. My expectation is that in the presence of the competitor the use of Habitat 2 would increase.
How can I compare the % time in each of the three habitats when the competitor is absent (test 1) and present (test 2)?
Which test can answer this question? Do I need to test the means? (I'd like to perform the test in R).



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You use a "Proportion test" when the proportion is calculated statistics based on several sample points and each sample outcome is one of 2 options.

In your case, every single point is a proportion, so I assume you should compare the means of the sample points.

PS I assume your data is only an example? otherwise, the power of the test to identify even big effect will be low.