which stats test

I am trying to analyse my data but I do not know which stats test to apply to determine any relationship between results. I have ten units across a geographical region where people attend for various functions. At each unit the attendees are looked after by four different sets of people. The attendees have rated each set of people on a scale of 1-4 depending on the quality of their care. I have a chart with the ten units across the Y-axis and four horizontal line charts with the X-axis being the score each set of people receive in each unit. I can see from viewing my charts and data that there is a correlation with how the attendees perceive the care they receive as each line progresses uniformly from unit to unit, ie. if the score for a particular set of carers in unit A was low, then the score for all sets of carers would be low, and vice versa. I initially tried a Spearman's rank correlation coefficient and Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient, but I'm not sure that these can be used for this data set. Can anybody advise on how I can statistically confirm a significant relationship as I have described from unit to unit. Many thanks.