Which test do I have to use?


I hope someone can help me out with the following problem. I'm not the best at statistics...

So I got 5 gorilla's which I observed. For each I got a set of behaviors which they performed during the observations. I got 3 differend periods where I sampled the behavior of those gorilla's. Lets call it period A, B and C. I want to statistically test whether there is a mean significance in behavior compared to the periods of observation (A, B and C).

For example:
Gorilla 1 performed auto-scratching behavior during all of the periods. In period A the level of auto-scratching is 0.2%, in period B it's also 0.2% and period C it's 0.9% (estimated average of the behaviors during the period).

Can someone help me out with this? What test do I have to use in order to test this?