Which test to use? (Psychology Research)

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I want to compare the performance of a single group on two different tasks. I initially thought of conducting a paired-sample t-test. However, as far as I know, this test is traditionally used to compare the performance of a group before and after some kind of treatment. In my case, there was no treatment. The subjects participated in two different tasks. The second task was NOT a version of the first task and there was not any kind of training between sessions. Participants were assessed on two different tasks on the same day. Is the paired-sample t-test appropriate or should I use some other type of test?

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The paired-sample t-test is used when 2 interval scaled measurements from the same objects/subjects are compared.
There is no reference to treatments.

Since you did not describe your research question, the research design, or the actual measurements in detail, it is difficult to determine whether paired-sample t-test is appropriate here.

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We gave two different tasks to a group consisting of 30 individuals. The first task required them to do same/different discrimination judgments for pairs of speech stimuli and the second task again same/different discrimination judgments for music stimuli. There were 30 pairs of stimuli and the maximum achievable score was 30. The aim was to see whether our subjects would achieve higher scores on one of the two tasks. As I said, we used the same group of individuals for both tasks. Do you think that the paired-sample t-test would be appropriate? Please let me know whether I need to elaborate on the task descriptions and the procedure.

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