Who is in charge?


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I was just wondering who the admin of the boards are. Do we have any moderators? I'm just wondering because I've seen a couple of duplicate threads and some spam lately and typically that's stuff that mods take care of but it seems to go on without repercussion.

I also just wanted to know who has the authority to create another sub-board.


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Until some weeks ago I could delete posts indicated as spam,or users who spammed. A while ago I noticed that I can, but nonetheless someone can do this as spam post appear and then disappear (due to a moderator I hope ;)).

I believe that simple users can (and should) be of help using the REPORT
button that appears in each poster's info tab.


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Yeah I know about the report option. I just want to know who moderates this place. There has to be somebody that is the admin (although that doesn't mean they frequent the board anymore). It would nice to have some moderation to be able to delete duplicate threads and/or move topics to a more representative sub-board if need be. I also expressed interest in an additional sub-board for not stat related discussion and there were a few replies but nothing has come of that so far. I just want to know who has the power to actually do something about these concerns.
Hi Dason,

A belated welcome to talkstats. I just added a non-statistics forum as per your suggestion. We can talk about moderating the forums via PM or in the new freedback forum. Thanks.