Within Group D./ 2 metric Variables/ not normally distributed - what test? (JASP)

I did an experiment with a within group design:

Can you remember terms better if you remember them as words, or as pictograms. The Group got 60 seconds to remember 1 the words, 2 the pictograms (out of an amount of 20). 120 seconds to write them down.

So I got two metric variables and one group and the data is not normally distributed.

I use the program JASP, but I am happy of any ideas what test could be useful in this case.

Thank you.


TS Contributor
How the variables are distributed is irrelevant for the choice of the test. It could
maybe interesting how the differences are distributed (in the population from
which the data were sampled), but only in case of small samples.

If your sample is large enough (n > 30 or so), you can do a dependent samples t-test.
If your sample size is small, it is difficult to demonstrate that the differences are
sampled from a normally distributed population, so you could consider the
"nonparametric" Wilcoxon signed rank test (which does not compare means,

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