Working from home statistician job- want reviews


Is there anyone here who works as a statistician from home? Or does a home-based role? How do you find it? What do you work for (A CRO/academic/others). Would you recommend it? How did you go about finding a home-based role?

I have been working as a statistician for last 5 years. Now, looking for a home-based role.

Many thanks.


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I work as a data scientist from home. I searched for "remote" positions but to be honest it was networking that landed me my current position. I work for a large professional services firm.

Do I recommend it? For me - it's absolutely what I want. With that said I don't think it's for everybody. Having an actual office and dealing with people face to face is something that would be nice from time and time and make certain challenges easier. With that said if the company has enough resources in place (mine does) to make working remotely feasible you can overcome a lot of those hurdles. But I absolutely love having a 15-20 second "commute" to my home office (my previous job had upwards of an hour commute one-way). The hardest part is knowing that my son is upstairs ready and willing to play at any moment. It can make focusing on a boring task a bit harder. It takes a while to get into a routine to put you into pure "work-mode" but if somebody is hiring for a remote position I think they understand that. It helps that essentially my entire team works remotely so we all have the same challenges and have developed some nice practices to make sure we don't get too isolated from the firm and from each other. I think overall how enjoyable a remote position can be depends on why you want to work from home and how good the company you work for is about remote workers.

If you have other specific questions feel free to ask.