year end company audit (the most wonderful time of the year.... not!)

Our company will be conducting audits next month, they say it is an important part of improvement. Well anyway, i would like to know if there are tools or software that we could use that is easy to manage and track and can generate a comprehensive audit report for all audits in the system?

Any recommendations are welcome. Thanks!
Yes, I presume that there are providers for this kind of software. In fact, I have browsed some that consider a software solution for managing audits. Anyway, there are several choices online that I saw. Some of these tools could work reliably on tasks and conduct audits regardless of location. I've read also other reviews of satisfied clients that the software is easy to manage and with trace ability for the results.
Thanks for your response. I actually saw a lot of possible provider online but the thing is, I have not seen any reviews so far. It would be great to read some feedback on the services being offered as well as comments on how they deal with their clients as well. I have to mention that this one seems to be a good one but the cost is really something else.